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Results of the 2009 Traffic Safety Forum


ITVThe 11th international exhibition of traffic safety equipment titled “2009 Traffic Safety Forum” was held in the Moscow Expocenter from the 17th thru the 20th of November. AxxonSoft presented its integrated solution currently under development for photo and video recording of traffic violations and for processing and generating administrative violation documents. AxxonSoft’s solutions for smart transport systems were also presented.

The Federal target program titled “Increased traffic safety for 2006-2012” is currently halfway into its realization. The first two years of realization made up the beginning stage in which the scientific, legal and technical bases were completed. The main set of measures influencing traffic safety is now being carried out.

Because of this, the 11th international exhibition of traffic safety equipment, titled “2009 Traffic Safety Forum”, was particularly relevant. The main objective of the exhibition was to accelerate the process of equipping all traffic police units, transport companies and public road services with advanced information systems, modern devices, and next-generation machines and materials.

AxxonSoft presented its new developments at the exhibition. One of them was a solution developed in collaboration with the companies Olvia and Business Software Industry. This solution consists of a set of equipment for photo- and video recording of speeding violations that covers the entire process, from the recording of the violation to the issuance of the administrative violation notice. The solution consists of three parts:

  • certified ARENA photo- and video recording systems
  • a geographically distributed platform based on the Auto-Intellect software package
  • a REGION – PHOTO/VIDEO RECORDING information system for automated generation, registration and printing of administrative penalty notices.

ITVThe second solution presented at the AxxonSoft booth was the traffic flow characteristics control module (traffic flow detector) developed by the company’s specialists. The new traffic flow detector can calculate the number of vehicles passing through an area in real time. This function is used for adaptable regulation of traffic lights. The new module also includes a function for determining the length of a queue at a traffic light via two spatially dispersed video detectors installed in front of intersections.

AxxonSoft’s booth was visited by many visitors, particularly by their business partners and by representatives of the traffic police. They included the first deputy head of the Traffic Safety Department of the Russian Ministry of the Interior, Lieutenant General of Police Vladimir Vladimirovich Shvetsov and the deputy head, Colonel of Police Victor Ivanovich Nilov.

In addition to the exhibition, AxxonSoft also took part in a seminar titled "Development of equipment used for photo- and video recording of traffic violations", conducted by the Traffic Safety Department of the Russian Ministry of the Interior. AxxonSoft’s product development manager Andrei Kireev presented AxxonSoft’s solutions at the seminar.

“I would like to note how well the exhibition was organized. There were many visitors who had a direct relationship to the improvement of traffic safety”, noted Andrei Kireev. “It was a great pleasure to, together with our technological partners, demonstrate a solution that once again confirmed the openness of our company. We are always open to collaboration, and that enables us to offer our partners new developments that are capable of solving large-scale, integrated tasks, thereby opening them up to new possibilities on the market.”