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A railway-specific solution based on Auto Intellect

Auto Intellect automatically recognizes numbers on cargo and passenger rail cars, detects travel direction, and counts cars in a live video stream. Resulting metadata is synced with video footage and written into the database. For each rail car, the system can create a report containing the time of checkpoint crossing, name of checkpoint, and the relevant still frames. Thanks to this, rail movements, rolling stock, and cargo are well protected whether on the move or at a rail depot.

Auto Intellect makes a difference in monitoring a railway

Auto Intellect offers a broad toolkit for automatic registration of trains and single rail cars. It logs all movements with granularity to the level of individual rail cars passing through checkpoints. You can rely on its powerful analytics to verify, search, and analyze the data:

Key challenges in rail car numbers recognition

Poorly visible, stenciled, and inconsistently written numbers are a common occurrence. Based on the real-world experience with number recognition and in-house testing (with a sample of approximately 10,000 rail cars), AxxonSoft experts selected recognition algorithms with exceptionally high-quality results. Unlike most of the algorithms currently available on the market, the algorithms in Auto Intellect recognize even numbers that have been painted on the rail car chassis and eight-digit internal reference numbers at rail depots.

The advantages of Auto Intellect rail car number recognition technology

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