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Technical specifications

POS control module
Video archive:

930 hours of continuous recording from 1 camera, with a write speed of 5 fps, 2 kb frame size and a hard disk volume of 160 GB

Recording rate:

up to 25 fps

Display rate:

up to 25 fps

Digital ZOOM:

magnification of 2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x

Archiving (backup):

to DDS3, DDS4, to local disk or network disk, CD-RW - manual and/or automatic

Data transfer protocol:


Types of remote access:

LAN, Dialup, IDSN, Internet

Database support:

MS Access, MS SQL 2000, MSDE, MS SQL 2005

Video recording modes:
  • Continuous
  • Triggered by the beginning/end of a receipt
  • Frame-by-frame
  • Interval
  • Motion-triggered
Query editor:
  • Pre-determined set of standard actions
  • Select, ban, modify, or create customized SQL-queries
Programming components:

Capability to program additional automated "event-response" actions

Connecting to a POS terminal:
  • Connecting a POS terminal to the COM port of a Axxon Retail Suite server.
  • Connecting a Axxon Retail Suite server to a retail systems local network or to the software of a cashiers workstation over the network.
  • Quick search by titles
  • Expanded, in-depth search (queries of any complexity)
  • Search by pre-defined events
Additional functions:
  • Printing information
  • Exporting video fragments to avi and frames to jpg
  • Connecting microphones
  • Video surveillance of the sales floor, stockroom, parking area
  • Fire/intrusion alarms
  • Reports subsystem
  • Timekeeping
  • E-mail Sender sending e-mails containing frames and video fragments from alarms events
  • V-dial Automatically dialing various telephone numbers and delivering pre-prepared messages when triggered by alarm events

Brief description

Cashier operations supervision

Web reports

Video surveillance


Additional useful information