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Alarm Processing

The interactive alarm processing mode is an innovation associated with the very approach to the surveillance process. On the one hand, it allows processing only the important events and, on the other hand, minimizes the risk of missing such events. The system switches to the alarm mode upon occurrence of alarm events, predefined as such by the user of the system. It may, for example, be the triggering of the video or audio detector or the triggering a security sensor connected to the camera. Alarm processing mode can also be initiated by the operator, if he finds the situation suspicious. All alarm events are recorded in the video archive.

Upon switching to the interactive alarm processing mode, thumbnail images of alarm events will show up at the top of the screen. If you click on such an image, it enlarges, and the system starts replaying the record of the event. If this event was associated with triggering of a video detector, the screen will display the detector configuration (lines, zones, movement direction, etc.) and the very moment of its triggering, so the operator can immediately see what had caused the alarm. After viewing the replay, the operator is required to assess the "degree of alarm" events on the three-tier scale - false alarm / situation that requires further analysis/ real alarm. The operator has the ability to review and assess alarm events in real time and within a predetermined time after an alarm event. If the operator fails to assess the event during this time, it will be marked as missed. This provides the ability to collect statistics for evaluation of the operators performance.

The Axxon Next video archive viewing mode provides a convenient way to navigate through alarm events. All events are marked on the video timeline by flags of different colours that correspond to the assessment made by the operator (false alarm/event that requires analysis/alarm/alarm event missed by the operator). Cause of the alarm is displayed next to the flag with a special icon (audio detector, video detector, security sensors, alarm mode initiated by the operator).

Thus, the interactive alarm processing mode can solve several problems:

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