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This page contains DetectorPack for Axxon Next. To download DetectorPack for Axxxon Intellect, click here.

Axxon Next DetectorPack

Installer Download Documentation Release notes
DetectorPack 64-bit v.3.5.0 DetectorPack download
74.2 MB
DetectorPack release notes
DetectorPack: Addon Face Recognition Pack 64-bit v.3.5.0
1.5 GB
DetectorPack: Addon IV LPR 64-bit v.3.5.0
911 MB
DetectorPack: Addon RR LPR 64-bit v.3.5.0
1.1 GB
DetectorPack: Addon VT LPR 64-bit v.3.5.0
99.4 MB
DetectorPack: Addon Neuro Pack 64-bit v.3.5.0
742 MB
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