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Image Processing

Nothing preserves physical security and safety better than video. Axxon Intellect Enterprises built-in intelligence recognizes events as they occur and responds appropriately, and presents information that helps you make smart, timely decisions.

Motion/Direction Detector

No other system on the market today offers this level of motion and/or direction detection. Its ideal for restricted and highly secured areas or in places where one-way motion is prescribed, and greatly reduces the possibility of theft and industrial espionage.

The system detects all motion within the video frame and identifies specific moving objects and their direction. It can also detect motion within a portion of the video frame, or by grouping different parameters such as threshold, object size, contrast and others. Best of all, it filters video fragments containing security rules violations, so you can easily track suspicious activity.

The system uses eight standard directional parameters: left, right, up, down, and four-way diagonal.

Facial Detector

Focus on and track any human face within the video frame quickly and easily. The detector will automatically detect and capture the image of a person in the frame, and notify the system to their presence. It can also match similar facial features and images to track the movement of specific people.

Left Items Detector

This function alerts the system whenever objects appear and/or disappear within the video frame. Can be applied in any public office to immediately engage an alarm signal upon suspicious item detection.

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