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  • AI-Powered Analytics

    AI-Powered Analytics

    Detect humans/vehicles, fire/smoke, or abnormal behavior/conditions and automatically notify security staff.

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  • Smart Forensic Search

    Smart Forensic Search

    Intelligent technologies to help you find what you need — and faster. Just set your search criteria, and you’ll get the results in seconds.

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  • Axxon Next Retail Pack

    Axxon Next Retail Pack

    Comprehensive solution for preventing and investigating shrink, analyzing shopper behavior, and enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.

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  • Live Video Mode

    Live Video Mode

    Follow objects of interest, show video on a site map, manage video walls, and effectively control extended areas.

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  • Video Footage Management

    Video Footage Management

    View and sync video in edge storage, use enhanced export features, and mask any static or moving objects in recorded video.

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  • Remote Access

    Remote Access

    Manage independent systems in the same interface. Use the cloud service, advanced web client and mobile apps.

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  • Performance and Resource Optimization

    Performance and Resource Optimization

    Take full advantage of supported hardware features. Save network bandwidth and server and client CPU resources.

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  • Integration and Automation

    Integration and Automation

    Connect your VMS to external devices and systems. Receive and process events. Apply complex system response scenarios.

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  • Fault Tolerance and Administration

    Fault Tolerance and Administration

    Administrate large systems with ease, make updating a breeze. Protect your VMS from unauthorized access and rely on its reliability.

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